vendredi 25 janvier 2013

HC House Portugal

The green of the golf resort and mature pine forest is 
the predominant color of the house situated within a 

CIVIC center of estreito DE Camara De Lobos

Estreito de Camara de Lobos is situated 15km from 
Funchal on Madeira. The building sits between the church 

BOLIQUEIME House Portugal

The house is located in a stretch between the sea 

Kindergarten in CACEM

The principal objectives were to create distinctive areas 
with different levels of privacy, visual continuity between 

Aroeira house Almada

The idea was to build a wooden house. In order to benefit 
from the characteristics of the plot, a horizontal volume with 

House in Afife

The house was meat to fit into the rural scale of the site, 

Court of justice

The characteristics of the land itself already give 
the building great visibility and a dominant position, 

House in AZEITAO

The concrete, monolithic bulk is covered with 
a zinc roof. On the ground level, the interior 
recedes at the south and 

University central library Portugal

The  library stands on the campus periphery, on a narrow 
parcel next to the city limits. The library’s functional 

ILHAVO City Library Spain

 Ilhavo city library is located in a 17th/18th century mansion, 
later transformed and demolished.