samedi 25 février 2012

architecture of Kilden Performing arts center

The Pertorming Arts Centre (Kilden) 
will house three organization: the Adger 
Theater, the  Kristiansand Philharmonic
 and the Opera South.

architecture of Kvernhuset Junior High School

The site is very beautiful 
so the architects preserved 
as much of it as possible. 

Parliament of the sami people (architecture)

The Parliament for Lapp representatives 
includes visitor and press facilities, 
a libarary and a restaurant. 
The structure is a landmark in the
 surrounding widerness and is based 
on the shape of the traditionalLapp tent. 

Design of Printing factory

The printing and ventilation 
halls are covered by folded zinc. 
To express this line further the 
printing hall's facade creates 
la large inward-going shape 

architecture of Culture Island

The Culture Island characterful 
presence on the newly created
island off the Middel-fart waterfront. 

architecture of Church Centre

It is tne ambition of the project 
to attain poetic balance between 
the official wish for maximum 
flexibility and church multiplicity 

house for one room

The house basically consists 
of one room. The bearing 
construction is made in steel
arcges,which keeps the house 

architecture of Theatre Agora

Destined for pride of place 
slap bang in the centre of the 
Netherlands, this design for 
the new theatre in Lelystad

vendredi 17 février 2012

Achieving urban sustainability

Fundamental to achieving progress towards sustainability is an
economy that concentrates on well-being and quality of life for all.

Sustaining cities

Sustaining cities in the face of change

The future form of cities and the strategies that they should adopt
in a global economy and information age is still being debated
(Graham and Marvin, 1996; Borja and Castells, 1997). 

From cities to urban sprawl

The last two centuries have seen a transformation in cities from
being relatively contained, to widespread urban sprawl. 

The changing form of the city

Historically, cities have had complex spatial layouts reflecting 
the multiplicity of human exchanges. 

The social role of the city

As well as being the seats of power, wealth and knowledge, cities
have also been catalysts for social change and revolution. 

The changing character of the city

Cities and society have developed and  flourished in an almost symbiotic manner. 
The latin word for city is civitas, from which the words civilization and citizenship 
are derived. 

jeudi 16 février 2012

Architecture of Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum
“Libeskind’s new Denver 
Art Museum is an eruption 
of hard-edged rhomboids 
that suggests gargantuan 
quartz crystals. 

mercredi 8 février 2012

within context of Stansted Airport

The distance of Stansted from the center of London added two
 important design considerations.

Intent of stansted airport

Foster’s ideas for this airport embody a notion of romantic and
functional simplicity evoked through convenient and direct
visual links from ground transit to air.

Design of stansted airport

Foster Associates engaged the familiar services of Ove Arup & Partners as consultants at Stansted.
The two firms were already collaborating on the Renault Distribution Center at Swindon.

Philosophy of stansted airport

Sir Norman Foster
was born in 1935 in
 Manchester, United

Site from the international airport of Stansted

Located about 37 miles
northeast of downtown
London, Stansted is the
most remote of the three
 airports serving the city.

program of stansted international airport

As early as 1961, government agencies had identified an abandoned military runway at Stansted as the only logical site for a third London airport.

architecture of stansted airport

Stansted, United Kingdom


One of the most effective ways of assessing the environmental impact of a particular process or product is
to find out how much non-renewable energy is required to produce it; this quantity of energy is referred to as embodied energy.


Urban agriculture can result in environmental, social and economic benefits. There are three primary environmental benefits from organic urban agriculture


Let’s start by considering how we have reached this state of affairs and why architects, urbanists and planners have a role to play in improving the situation.

The greenhouse effect

A variety of gases collaborate
 to form a canopy over the
Earth which causes some
solar radiation to be reflected
back from the atmosphere,

The carbon cycle

Carbon is the key element for
life on Earth. Compounds of the
element form the basis of plants,
animals and micro-organisms.
Carbon compounds in the

landsbyen kindergarten

the actual building is on
two floors, with a glass
facade, balcony and
 terrace throughout the

samedi 4 février 2012

cube houses by Piet Blom

Modern Dutch architect
Piet Blom is square.
So are his buildings.

Kansas City’s ice cool art museum

When the Nelson-Atkins
Museum of Art in Kansas
 City, US embarked on

The Eco Tower project in mexico

The Plaza de las Tres Culturas
(Place of Three Cultures) in the
Tlatelolco area of Mexico City is
soon to boast a sustainable new

Nurai, Abu Dhabi (Eau Zone)

Nurai, Abu Dhabi > Luxury designed
by Dror Imagine a natural island
languorously lapped by the warm
crystalline waters of the Persian

Demountable style in architecture

Hardly trailer trash
architect and exhibition
designer Tim Pyne is
recently famed for the
development of M-House
 the caravan impersonator

Arezzo Law Court by Manfredi Nicoletti

> project : Arezzo Law Court
> localization : Arezzo, Italy
> client : Comune di Arezzo
> architect : Manfredi Nicoletti
> collaborators : L. Campagna, A.
 Senesi, P. Leone, D. De Santis

mercredi 1 février 2012

Crystal Island in MOSCOW

The building’s spiralling form
emerges majestically from a
newly landscaped park, rising
 in converse directions to form
a diagonal grid.

Dubai Business Bay

This unique tower sited
in Dubai Business Bay,
designed by
Costa del Sol based
 Diseño Earle, carries
throughout the project

West End Bridge, Pittsburgh

As one of the most characteristic
 bridges in the “city of bridges”

Immaterial Ultramaterial, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Drawing on the historic links
between architecture and
textiles, thin plywood and
rubber team up to borrow

The Upper Crust – Boston, Massachusetts

Located on Boston’s historic
Charles Street, Upper Crust is
 designed as both a neighbourhood
 pizza joint and “culinary boutique”.

Interfaith Spiritual Center, Northeastern University

Monica Ponce de Leon once
 taught at this “place in which
anyone can be reverent”.

Kastrup Sea Bath by White Architecture

Entering the Baltic for a
leisurely bathe is hardly
something we on the
Costa del Sol