vendredi 23 mars 2012

schooL of BusIness, MILLs coLLege

red tILe roofs and 
stucco facades 
dominate the leafy
grounds of mills 
college, in oakland. 

Project 300 north lasalle chicago

Building high in 
the Windy city 
is not a charge
to be taken lightly. 
New haven–based 
Pickard chilton has
risen to the challenge 
with this 1.3 million-
square-foot, 60-story tower 

trumpf campus germany

Project: trumpf campus
architect: barkow leibinger
location: stuttgart, germany

from 1997 to 2010, 
Berlin-based Barkow

city of culture of galicia spain

the evocative title of 
the exhibition Cities
of Artificial Excavation: 
The Work of Peter
Eisenman, 1978–1988 

museum of the holocaust los angeles

an angled green roof 
with paths connects 
the new building to 
existing circulation 
through pan pacific 
park and helps negotiate

Dynamic roof

yet also reduces cooling 
energy loads by 30
 percent, combats 
global warming,
and decreases roof
maintenance costs. 

mercredi 21 mars 2012

The U-Bora Tower Complex dubai

The U-Bora Tower 
Complexis a mixed-use
development  located 
in the heart of  
Business Bay. 

mardi 20 mars 2012

Empire Tower

Empire Tower
Surrounded by 
architectural  icons,
 Empire Tower 
takes a slightly less 

SebaTower abu dhabi

The latest large structure 
planned for the growing 
area of Abu Dhabi, the
SebaTower is a 50-story 
mixed-use development, 
with 316 apartments.
The curved bands around 
the tower are balconies offer 
sea views and views of 

SilvereneTowers dubai

being built on the Dubai 
Marina opposite the water's 
edge in one of the best
locations in the marina, being 
within easy walking distance 
of the Marina Mall, yacht club 

samedi 17 mars 2012

damac ocean heights dubai

DAMAC Ocean Heights, 
located in Dubai Marina, 
is a 310-meter residential tower. 
The design evolved to maximize 
views toward the ocean with 

tiara united offices tower dubai

Tiara United Offices Towernear 
the financial hub of Dubai. 
It offers state-of-the-art 
commercial and leisure facilities 
and is considered as one of the 

Homes for Change

The development, on 
a 0.63 hectare site,
formed part of the 
regeneration efforts in
Hulme and Moss Side, 

Sustainability features in Pudong, Shanghai, China

Pudong, with an area 
of 533.44 km2, is located 
on the east bank of the Huangpu
River that runs through 
Shanghai. Shanghai‚Äôs 
population is 13.3 million, of

Sustainability features of Kowloon Station

Lau et al.’s chapter 
about Multiple and 
Intensive Land Use 
(MILU) highlights the
sustainability of the
urban form and strategic planning. 
In addition, the efficiency of 
the transportation itself makes 
a significant contribution to 

Kowloon Station, Hong Kong

The brief for the masterplan, 
as well as for the Kowloon
railway station, required
extensive mixed uses 
(1.1 million sq. ft) including 
residential, office, retail and 

Sustainability features of Vancouver SkyTrain

This is an energy efficient 
transportation system that 
minimizes ground level infrastructure 
through the use of elevated
concrete sections. 

Vancouver SkyTrain extension

The SkyTrain was first 
installed in 1986 and has 
since been upgraded with 
trains reaching 90 km/hr 
each with the capacity to 
carry 260 people. 

Sustainability features of Slateford Green, Edinburgh

Sustainability features
The development is located 
close to prioritized bus routes. 
There is a car club which 
gives access to cars without
ownership, and 74% of 

Slateford Green, Edinburgh: car-free housing

The project covers 1.6 hectares
 on the site of a former railway 
goods yard in the inner suburb 
of Gorgie, west Edinburgh, Scotland
(Scheurer, 2001). 

Västra Hamnen, Malmö

Västra Hamnen, the regenerated
brownfield site, is now home to 
a densely populated mixed-use 
neighbourhood of 600 apartments 
with integrated commercial activities. 

Sustainability features in bedzed london

The underlying objective 
of Bill Dunster’s Zed 
projects  is to reduce 
the environmental
impact, give residents 
the ability to live

Beddington Zero-Energy Development

Beddington Zero-Energy
Development (BedZED), 
Sutton, London, is a highdensity
mixed-use urban village 
on the site of a former 
sewage works developed 

Sustainability features in Bank of America Tower

The tower project incorporates
sustainability measures and high 
performance technologies to
 provide an energy efficient, 
water efficient building
with a high-quality indoor 
environment (with regard to natural

Bank of America Tower, New York

The focus of much sustainable 
building design has been on 
domestic architecture, neglecting 
other forms of building. 
The Bank of America Tower is

Green Heart in city Oslo

Oslo was awarded the European
Sustainable City award 2003. 
The City Government has 
established and approved
a ‘Green Belt Boundary’ 
to ensure that forests are not 
cleared to make way for

Green roofs project , Tokyo

Dense cities, such as Tokyo, 
suffer from the heat island effect, 
with ambient temperatures
considerably higher than the 
surrounding countryside. 
The Tokyo government passed 

Achieving the intelligent city

Conventional approaches to sustainability pit environmental
protection against economic development. 

cities future

Urbanization is certainly the future but a question mark
 hangs over what kind of future the city can look forward to. 
Despite technological advances and an explosion in

The design challenge

More research, fundamental or otherwise, is however not 
sufficient on its own. 
The ultimate task is to develop optimum combinations of 

The intelligent city and planning policy

In the UK especially, apart from broad strategic aims set out in
unitary development plans, planning policy is essentially reactive
and confrontational.

Intelligent city definitions

The concept of ‘city intelligence’ can  be and has been interpreted
in many different ways: 
from referring simply to the level of digital infrastructure provision 

Effects of Solar Radiation on the Earth

A number of factors affect the amount of 
solar radiation that reaches a particular 
surface., these include the length of day, 

energy in Vernacular architecture

Any analysis of the role played by energy in architecture
 is faced with serious limitations due to the lack of studies 
in the architectural bibliography, especially

qatar university architecture

Dr Kamal Kafrawi, 
an Egyptian architect, 
has succeeded, to a 
great extent, in
reconciling modern technology 
with the traditional elements of 

sheraton Doha (Qatar) architecture

The Doha Sheraton designed by 
a Japanese company and is 
constructed of steel frame. It has 16
storeys arranged in a pyramid shape. 

Contemporary buildings in Qatar

Contemporary buildings in Qatar are generally 
built under the combined influence

traditional buildings in Qatar

Vernacular buildings in 
Qatar have employed 
some ingenious passive techniques
in order to restore thermal 
comfort within the building 

dimanche 11 mars 2012

Jebel Ali JaisMountain Resort-

The Jebel Ali Jais Mountain 
Resort  of the largest tourism 
projects in the UAE is a major 
tourist village on a mountain 
in Ras Al Khaimah.

ajman island

Ajman is a small island 
enclave and the smallest 
state of the UAE, 20km 
from Dubai. 
It is the location for an 
HOK masterplanwhich 
will regenerate the marina 

the blue city oman

The Blue City is a $15 US 
billion megacity project 
started by the Oman. 
It will take up roughly 34 
square kilometres along 
the coastal 

al sharq tower

A major residential 
development, the Al Sharq
Tower will, when completed, 
be the tallest tower
on Dubai’s Sheikh ZayedRoad. 

The International Tower In Dubai

The International Tower 
in Dubai is currently under 
design, having a built-up 
area of 84,845m2, 

ARY Digital Toweris

The ARY Digital Toweris 
a 45-floor tower in the Dubai.

AlmasTower (Diamond Tower)

Almas Tower (Diamond Tower)
is a 360 metre-tall skyscraper 

under construction 
within Dubai’s Jumeirah Lake 
Towers development. 

the lam tara towers dubai

The Lam Tara Towers is 
a complex of two towers 

on Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road, 
opposite the Millennium Tower. 

The Louvre museum Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi 
will be housed in a 
futuristic building, 
designed by star 
architect Jean Nouvel, 

performing arts centre abu dhabi

Zaha Hadid has designed 
the Performing 
Arts Centre, which will 
present the finest  in 
music, theatre and dance, 

al raha beach hotel abu dhabi

Al Rahabeach development 
will be a new city district 
that will serve as the
gateway to Abu Dhabi city
 and boast an arrangement
 of 60-storey towers
to low-rise developments.

samedi 10 mars 2012

barrel vault architecture

Built like an arch would be built, 

complete with key stone, but then 
extruded into depth. 

An arch will hold a wall above a door 
or a bridge, anything narrow in

Center of ecological tourism

The caressing sun is warming 
the half-moon curved bay 
with white sand. 


A 250 room luxury Hotel 
located in Los Cabos, Mexico.
This hotel takes care of 
several sustainability 
issues that include: 

‘Dream tree’ in play school

A changing group of 
architecture students
at the Technical University 
in Berlin call themselves 
‘the construction pilots’. 
With limited resources 
and under the guidance 
of two independent 

Rigid folded structures

Folding thin plates is 
another method to gain
structural performance 
without unduly increasing

sydney opera house construction

The primary structure 
consists of identical ribs
of reinforced concrete, 

Sydney Opera House Geometry

The building was to be 
started soon after the

architecture of Sydney Opera House

The Danish architect Jørn Utzon 
won the competition for a new 
opera house in Sydney in 1957 
with a design reminiscent of an 

Functional analogies: constructions lightness

Functional transfer of phenomena from nature to 
architecture means predominantly the function of
load bearing. 

Frank Lloyd Wright (1869-1959)

Wright represented organic 
architecture  and postulated
the view of a building as
 an organism.
Some designs are reminiscent 
of skeletons  of marine organisms