samedi 17 mars 2012

qatar university architecture

Dr Kamal Kafrawi, 
an Egyptian architect, 
has succeeded, to a 
great extent, in
reconciling modern technology 
with the traditional elements of 

Arabic Islamic architecture
 Some of the elements utilized 
by the architect were wind
tower protected courtyards Moshrabiya  geometric forms . 
The use of these elements has helped to control the harsh 
climatic conditions. 
The wind tower structures, which are one of the most outstanding
 features of the university, also
provide the cover of the university buildings. 
The courtyards, both open and partially covered, provide 
connection and circulation spaces within the university complex.
With their gardens and fountains, the courtyards provide pleasant
 areas of coolness and shade. 
The octagonal shape of the modular unit was derived from the traditional
principles which enhances ventilation through wind towers and provide lighting

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