samedi 21 avril 2012

Canopea, Urban Ecosystem

The Team Rhone-Alps 
reveals his plans for 
the Solar Decathlon
Madrid 2012: Cubes. 
Its aim is to create a 
positive energy housing

Galaxy Soho, Zaha Hadid

Carried by the Anglo-Iraqi 
architect Zaha Hadid,
 Galaxy   Soho  is an 
architectural   feat 
characterized   by 

bent house (Sopot, Poland)

Built in 2003, 
this house 
has an architecture 
based  on the work 
of Jan Mzrtin 
Szancer, Polish artist 
who illustrated many 

mercredi 18 avril 2012

Pannonian House

The seamless 
platform blends 
in walls, floors 
and furniture. 

Multipa office building

The conceptuel starting 
points were a compact 
volume, which, with its 
sculptural appearance, 
brings dynamics into 

Two social housing blocks on the coast

There are 30 apartments is 
each building apartments 
of different sizes and structures. 
Since the blocks are set in 

Eurocity complex

The EuroCity is a 
building defined as 
a hybrid of established 

Condominium trnovski pristan architecture

The Condominium is 
a two-floor apartment 
building its basic volume 
is agitated, partitioned 

LEV office building

The front elevation 
is ana introverted 
office building with 
hidden loggias, while 

Hotel Sotelia

The public program 
is designed  as  a 
single open space. 
Although the facades
 are  designed  in 

LEV office building

Program: office: 
below ground, 
three levels of 
parking spaces. 
 the building is 

XXS House architecture

The task was to integrate 
all residential functions in 
an extra-small volume and 
to brig sunlight to the living 
space on the ground floor 

Summer house at santorini

The outdoor space 
between the two 
wings makes the
 imaginary cuber 
of the building 

New museum of patra architecture

The building includes 
exhibition areas for 
permanent as well as 
temporary exhibitions, 
an amphitheater a 

F-ZEIN Offices

The design of this 
office building 
combined minimum 
cost with flexibility 
of space. 
The arrangement 
of the existing shell 
was based  on 

Small stonewall house

The building is divided 
in three interior levels 
and two exterior masses, 
therefore to fit to the 
traditional conditions. 

mardi 17 avril 2012

Master plan for the falaire Waterfront

Falaire bay is 
the inlet that
flows from the 
port of Athens 
into the sea. 

Polykatoikia (apartment building)

The Greek version 
of urban housing 
is the polykatoikia. 
This building 
comprises seven
A fitness club 
occupies the 
lowest part 
of the building. 

Memorial Bridge project

The pedestrian 
bridge begins 
crosses the 
channel and 
ends on the 

Cavae romane project

The project converts 
a former stone-pit into 
a museum to showits 
history, which dates 
from the Ancient Rome. 
The stonepit is not 
as anthropometric 
as traditional

DIVE CLUB building

Would you liketo 
dive and fly 
The Dive Club is 
a sphere made of 
stratified glass, 

Elementary school sport hall

An elementary school 
gymnasium connects 
two separate parts 
of the school built 
in different periods. 

Primary school S.T.Jurij

The school in ST.Jurij is 
an example of architecture 
that adds value to the space 
in which it is set. 
The school is composed 

Bijoux building

Wrapping the conventional 
inner concrete structure with 
an opaque metal screen, 
the architects aimed to blur 
the vertical and horizontal 
rational geometry of the 

hillside su hotel turquie

imagine a place 
of purity, where 
serene, crisp 
white connects 
with flashes of 

dimanche 15 avril 2012

The Burjal Alam

The Burjal Alam
("World Tower") 
is a 108 storey, 
501 m skyscraper 
under construction 
in the Business Bay area. 

Bin SuloomTower, Dubai

The 62 storey 
tower on Sheikh 
includes a sky 
lobby, restaurants, 
bars, retail, banquet

Rolex Tower Dubai

The 61-story, mixed-use 
Rolex Towerin Dubai is 
one of the next-generation 
of high-rises on Sheikh 
Zayed Road. 

The Providence Tower dubai

The Providence Toweris
a 57-floor tower in 
the financial district 
of Dubai. Construction 

The BurjDubai Lake Hotel

The BurjDubai Lake Hotel
& Serviced Apartmentsis 
a supertallstructure (306 metres) 
alongside the Dubai Mall, and 

Al DarwishTower

The Al DarwishTower
will rise approximately 
200 meters above ground, 
and is designed to comprise 
a total of 160 luxurious 
residential apartments of 

D1 tower dubai

D1 Towerby Australia’s 
Sunland is inspired by Q1,
the world’s tallest 
residential tower.

Castlefield, Manchester

Castlefield is a unique 
mixture of Manchester’s 
history, containing Roman 
remains, canals and railways. 

Millennium Quarter, Manchester.

The Millennium 
Quarter in Manchester 
encompasses four
projects (two buildings 
and two spaces). 
The regeneration of the 
area was given extra
impetus following the 

The Phoenix Centre, Coventry

Phoenix has transformed 
an area of low quality,
 randomly distributed 
post-war commercial 
developments in the 

Millennium Wetland project

Coastal Park, 
Llwynhendry, Llanelli
This 76 hectare site 
is a key part of the 

Queen Square, Bristol

Space Type
A Historic Town Square
Off Princes St and The 
Grove, The Old City, Bristol

at bristol projects

The award was won 
for the two new 
buildings, ‘Wildscreen’
and ‘Explore’, and 
the surrounding spaces 

Lamp theory

Artificial light, meaning something other than  sunlight, may 
beproduced either  chemically, mechanically, or electrically. 

Luminaires system

A luminaire is a complete 
system for providing  the  
kind of light we  want,  


Structure is the load-carrying part of all natural
and man-made forms. It is the part which

samedi 14 avril 2012

Loken residence United states

Location : Dulutb, Minnesota, United states
Year of construction: 1996
Architecte: David Salmela
Associaces: Red Sons Carpentry

vendredi 13 avril 2012

samedi 7 avril 2012

Project Liberty Plaza Richard Meier

Project: Liberty Plaza
Location: Mexico City
Architect: Richard Meier
Richard Meier & Partners 

golden dream bay china

Project: Golden Dream Bay
Location: Qinhuangdao, China
Architect: Moshe Safdie
Moshe Safdie Architects 
has  been tapped to design 

indian school of business india

Project: Indian School of Business 
Location: Chandigarh, India
Architect: Perkins Eastman

The Indian School of Business 
has hired Perkins Eastman, 

Oval Offices cologne

the offices — two 
distinct, amoeba-
shaped buildings — 
sit on four acres
of parklike land 
beside the rhine 

sayl Chair designer

designed by Yves 
Béhar, the Sayl chair 
features an 
design that uses

Zinc Panels for University Chapel

the exterior of the 
Sykes chapel
and center for 
Faith and Values 
at the university

Art institute with Zinc Panels in Manchester

approximately 9,500 
sq. ft. of Petersen
Snap-clad panels 
and flush panels
finished in  zinc 
metallic were used 
to clad the new
studio and residence 

Amphitheater Canopy

reynobond ACM was 
chosen to skin the canopy
of the new Piedmont 
arrendale amphitheater
in demorest, Ga, designed 
by architects armentrout