samedi 26 mai 2012

Greek Doric Column

Greek Doric Columns are 
some of the most unique 
columns in architectural history.
Found on the Parthenon, 
these classic columns were 
the first style used by Greek 

Architectural Column History

In almost every culture 
throughout history, some 
variation of columns have 
been used. 
The most notable column 
styles come from the ancient 
Greeks and Romans.
These two civilizations have 
contributed some of the most 

jeudi 17 mai 2012

Vavilova office Building Moscow Russia

This stately ; reserved 
building with a thythmic
facade of reddish 
iridescent brick brings 
a breath of fresh air to

Residential Complex Moscow Ruusia

The piano nobile 
of the house with 
the rounded corner 
is clad in red brick ; 
while its plinth and 
staircase are faced 

Tatarovskaya Poyma Residential Complex Moscow (Russia)

The references to 
early modernism 
include the letter-shaped
 arrangements of 
the streets and thus

Panaroma Residential Building Moscow Russia

The outstratched, 
glistening facade 
reflects the light like 
the surface of a lake 
and brings the whole 

Architecture of House 0912 moscow (russia)

This ultra spacious 
private house is 
constructed at a 
geographically rough, 
trapezoid parcel of land 

Club house Moscow (Russia)

The complex 
belongs to a 
shooting range 
and is located 

Lokomotiv stadium Russia

The entrances to 
the stadium are 
located at each 
of the arena’s  four 

Cocoon club Russia (moscow)

The cocoon club boasts 
one of the most unusual
 interiors created in 

Country house Russia (Moscon)

The transparent 
facade of the hall 
contraste with 
the wooden 
cladding of the
 frist floor and 

Pompey (architecture) Moscon Russia

The street in which 
the seven-story 
residential building 
is located, is so 
narrow that the 
building can hardly 
be taken in as a whole. 
Because the styles 

lundi 7 mai 2012

Space Block Hanoi Model Vietnam

While in Hanoi (Vietnam) dealing with high 
temperature and high humidity we
 managed the flow of wind by using 
the “Space block” method in order 
to create a comfortable livingzone

Bridge, Arts and Science college Qatar

Approaching the issue 
of creating a sustainable 
architecture within the 
western part of the world, 
is different from that of 

Louis vuitton, omotesando tokyo, Japan

This 3327 square-meter 
facility with 1000 square 
meters    of  retail  sales 
space is located in the 
heart of the Omotesando 
shopping district where 
such architects as Tadao 
Ando, Herzog and de 
Meuron, Kengo Kuma 

Mobile homes LOFTCUBE Berlin Germany

Although the idea 
of mobile homes, 
even structures 
that can be carried 
and placed by 

samedi 5 mai 2012

Bayard Building

Composed of twelve
 floors, it is entirely of 
steel. We are between 
the Middle Ages and 

Guaranty Building architecture

Eleven floors on 
two levels of shops. 
There the great 
impetus to the top 
of the pilasters. 

Wainwright Building saint louis

It is located in St. Louis. 
Wain Wright wants an 
office building in a corner
 lot of side 40m. 

Auditorium Building chicago

It has two important 
fronts. Initially, this is 
a huge hotel of 800 
rooms.The other
 front is composed

Reliance Building, Chicago

Reliance Building, 1891, Chicago
It is barely covered with 
a very thin layer of clay.

Monadnock Building architecture

This building is composed 
of sixteen stories, it is high, 
dark andblack. There was 

Municipal Building New-York architecture

The Chicago Fire has 
caused an upheaval. 
This is the most 
advanced point of the 
United States. 

Boston Public Library

It is very similar to our
library of Sainte-Genevieve, 
by HenriLabrouste. 

University of Charlottesville

By the 1920s, 
we invented 
the architectural 
firm, with the 
possibility of 

chrysler building new york

Building iconic art deco, 
it is famous for its 
top-shaped silversyringe. 
Its iconography exalts 
the automobile and America.

American Colonial architecture

This was mainly Christopher Wren (architect of St. 
Paul's in London)that creates a styleResidential known today 

Thomas Jefferson and architecture

the 19th century, 
is the first great 
architect of the 
history of the United 
States, and also the 
third of the presidents.

Capece- Venanzi House Italy

house is a suburban 
single family house. 

Lapalma factory Italy (architecture)

Offices and showrooms 
are located here. 
In the middle, the 
management offices 
overlook an open 
space, conceived 

Fipa italiana yachts headquarter

A constant geometrical 
line, parallel to the
horizon, comes into 
contact with the 
spaces it defines in 

Kindergarten feldgatterweg Italy

The building serves
 two distinct user groupe. 
Which had to be functionally 
well separated, with own 
entrances: A Kindergarten, 

New Milano trade fair

The trade fair is one 
of Europe’s biggest 

Social housing 2005 in Milan (architecture)

The roads bordering 
the park provide 

support both to existing 
services and new facilities, 
integrating with the open 

Pirelli Real Estate Headquarters

Set on top of a partially 
underground structure 

with parking facilities, 
a cube fifty meters on 

Beic European Library of information and Culture

It contains a libray, 
a media and conference 
centre, workshop and 
shoping facilities, as 
well as restaurants and 

Acer Italy Headquarters

The two main buildings 
are finished on three 
sides with beige brick. 
The composition of 
the façade has a visual 

Frigoriferi Milanesi Area and Palazzo Del Ghiaccio

Frigoriferi Milanesesi 
overlooks via Piranesi 
through a bright-red, 
100 meters long 
(plug Building): the
 Open Care Café 

Telecommunication observation tower

The façade facing 
the town would be 
slanted. Thus the 
green surface would 
limit the possible 

Cemetery building

Two simple and 
silent buildings 
set around a small 
and shady court, 
typical of the 

Santa maria della presentazione

The project lives 
by the relationshic 
and contrast  of 
two architectonic 

D HOUSE in italy

A small, detached gray 
stone staircase indicates 
the new access. 

Piazza a mare Italy

New geometrical 
forms appear on 
the site, reflecting 
their autonomy 


The glass front 
is light and can 
be opened 
completely in 

Housing X-07 Wolf Italy

The north-facing 
part of the building 
has a ventilated
 façade, which 

Red school Italy

The space in the building 
is organized by a folded 
steel surface, to resolve 
continuity between the 

Swimming stadium Italy

It is developed on 
two plans: an 
underground level 
housing the technological 
systems, andthe ground 
level, comprising 

Caverna-paola in movimento Italy

The project provides 
an access from the 
town center to a new 
recreation area in 
the valley and a new 
town square on the  
roof of the building.