mercredi 11 juillet 2012

passive solar architecture

The techniques known as "passive" use the natural 
phenomena of energy transfer to achieve gains or 
losses of heat through the building envelope. 

active solar architecture

solar architecture called 
"active" uses equipment 
that capture, store and 
distribute natural energy 
for the needs of the inhabitants 
of a house, especially for 

solar architecture

Solar architecture is not 
only a way of saving 
energy or replacing 
an energy source by 
another, it is mostly 

mardi 10 juillet 2012

sub standard housing

Sub standard housing is housing that endangers 
the health of tenants and / or the neighborhood.

Conserve heat in the house

To maintain solar energy inside the house as long 
as possible, bioclimatic architecture also includes 
effective insulation of walls, in all their thickness 

Distribute the heat throughout the house

To distribute heat well captured, bioclimatic architecture 
uses opaque materials, including a slab or walls painted 

Bioclimatic architecture

Bioclimatic architecture is 
based on three main principles 
to be reconciled in a coherent 
approach: capture the heat,