vendredi 24 août 2012

The Exhibition Center of Sherbrooke canada

The mandate of the 
“Centre Delaware 
foires Delaware 

New Taipei City Museum of Art

the design of the New 
national capital town 
deposit of Art is one 
that embodies this 
concept of erasure 

Oct Design Museum, china

The inspiration for 
the project comes 
from each the situation 
being near the bay 
and from the wants

datong art museum foster

The 32,000-square-metre 
venue is one in all four
 major new buildings 
inside Datong New 

Shanghai Museum of Glass in china

The Shanghai deposit of Glass 
may be a deposit with a 
contemporary construct 
to draw in varied guests. 
As Glass Museums don't 
seem to be common in 
China, and also the  site 
location is presently 

projet HA Tower in Tokyo

The angular distance 
tower proposes a
 hybrid model for 
urban life that embraces 
the town, actuation 
it within the heart 
of the units, whereas 
still providing massive 

projet Library and Learning Center in Vienna by Zaha

Zaha Hadid has 
won the competition
to style  the Library 
and Learning  Center 
(LLC) at the University

Design of the terrain of The Park in Riem

In order to be accountable to the human scale, despite the almost geographical dimensions of  the park, the landscape architect undertook  several decisive changes in topography.

Design development of The Park in Riem

The collaboration 
between German 

Design philosophy of The Park in Riem

The design by French architect Gilles Vexlard won 
the first prize within the 1995 international design 

history of The Park in Riem Germania

With a population of one 1.3 million folks, 
Munichis the third largest town in Germany. 
The new space around the metropolis 
Exhibition Centre is presently being developed 
as a replacement town quarter. 

The Park in Riem germania

The Landscape Park in Riem 
extends southward from 
the housing areas of town 
quarter of Riem. With


Correct wall size varies with native conditions 
and climate; the number of insulation used; and 
also the latitude of the vacant  lot. the primary 2 
parts have an effect on the speed of temperature 
loss from an area, that is influenced by the number 
of distinction 

lundi 20 août 2012

Active solar

This term refers to the conversion of solar energy 
into some form of usable heat. 

Passive solar energy

Advocates of passive solar design have been 
around for many decades and the prize-winning 
schemes in a European competition for passive

Sound and vibrations in architecture

Sound is a vibration in an elastic medium such 
as air, water, most building materials, and the earth. 
(Noise can be defined as unwanted sound, that is, 
annoying sound made by others or very loud sound
which may cause hearing loss.)
An elastic medium returns to its normal state after a 
force is removed.
Pressure is a force per unit area. Sound energy progresses
rapidly,producing extremely small changes in atmospheric
 pressure, and can travel great distances. 
However, each vibrating particle moves only an infinitesimal 
amount to either side of its normal position. 
It “bumps’’ adjacent particles and imparts most of its motion 
and energy to them.A full circuit by a displaced particle is called 
a cycle.  The time required for one complete cycle is called the 
period and the number  of complete cycles per second is 
the frequency of vibration. 
Consequently, the reciprocal of frequency is the period. 
Frequency is measured in cycles per second, the unit for 
which is called the hertz (abbreviated Hz).
A pure tone is vibration produced at a single frequency. 
 depicts the variation in pressure caused by striking a tuning
 fork, which produces an almost pure tone by vibrating 
adjacent air molecules. 
Symphonic music consists of numerous tones at different 
frequencies and pressures (that is, a tone is composed of a 
fundamental frequency with multiples of the fundamental, 
called harmonics). 
 theprongs of the tuning fork alternately compress and 
rarefy adjacent air particles. This cyclical motion causes a 
chain reaction between adjacent air particles so that the 
waves (but not the air particles) propagate away from the tuning fork.

Building environment

Ventilation can be mechanical or “natural” 
(either passive or active).

The dangers of drawings

Of course the ‘greater perceptual span’ of design 
by drawing as opposed to vernacular design enabled 
greater rates of experimentation and thereforeincreased 
the risk of failure.