vendredi 25 janvier 2013

HC House Portugal

The green of the golf resort and mature pine forest is 
the predominant color of the house situated within a 

CIVIC center of estreito DE Camara De Lobos

Estreito de Camara de Lobos is situated 15km from 
Funchal on Madeira. The building sits between the church 

BOLIQUEIME House Portugal

The house is located in a stretch between the sea 

Kindergarten in CACEM

The principal objectives were to create distinctive areas 
with different levels of privacy, visual continuity between 

Aroeira house Almada

The idea was to build a wooden house. In order to benefit 
from the characteristics of the plot, a horizontal volume with 

House in Afife

The house was meat to fit into the rural scale of the site, 

Court of justice

The characteristics of the land itself already give 
the building great visibility and a dominant position, 

House in AZEITAO

The concrete, monolithic bulk is covered with 
a zinc roof. On the ground level, the interior 
recedes at the south and 

University central library Portugal

The  library stands on the campus periphery, on a narrow 
parcel next to the city limits. The library’s functional 

ILHAVO City Library Spain

 Ilhavo city library is located in a 17th/18th century mansion, 
later transformed and demolished. 

Acuraio de Gijon

The aquarium pretends to integrate itself with its surroundings 
using these docks to create a slightly curved facade toward 

Music studies center Spain

It sits without any continuity on a carpet of green grass, 
boasting the silhouette of a cubic rock. 

Metropol PARASOL

Metropol Parasol scheme with its large mushroom like 
structures offers an archeological site, an farmers market, 

Villa in Maria de la salut

The roof terrace provides a wonderful panorama of 
the surroundings. The inner courtyard contains a large 

CESAR Manrique foundation studio

The firm merged the building with is surroundings by placing 
most of the structure below ground. It clad many of the reinforced 

Miti-Moble tourist interface Tenerife

The “mobile tourist interface”, is a high tech version of 
the beloved camper wan. The extreme lightweight shell 

Tenerife school of scenic arts

The interior roofed patio, generated by a three dimensional 
folding of the wooden surface of the roof, is concelved as a 

Seniors apartment housing

The emphasis of the design is on the vertical, with long 

Congress center of PENISCOLA

The patio at the entrance is the main feature of the project, 
joining the park and the Congress Hall through a public space. 

Congress center and auditorium of NAVARRA

This project includes halls of different sizes including exhibition 
area, catering areas as well as storage and office areas. 

General and royal archive of NAVARRA

The original buildings have been restored by using contemporary 
construction methods, the Gothic windows and the scale of 

Health center in Domaio

The building is organized in two levels and has also followed 
the two-volume pattern. The volume including the surgery offices 

CITTIB center for tourism research and technologies

The concept of the office building is that of 
a suburban bunker-introverted and defensive, 

Auditorium and conference center Madrid

What is perceived externally as a solid, massive volume 
that has been emptied is, in fact, constructed internally 

Patios PATH Madrid

A mould of 17th century combines with a cast of different 
activities (offices, nursery, elderly house, swimming pool, 

BARAJAS international airport Madrid

To create a relaxing atmosphere, materials used convey a sense 
of calm.The roof is  covered internally by bamboo, offering a 
warm environment. The paving is made of Spanish limestone

mardi 15 janvier 2013

march memorial Atocha train station

To build a memorial to the victims of the commuter 
train bombings architects propose to build a free-from 
glass cupola beside the Atocha Railroad Station. 

OASIS social housing Madrid

Located in the south of  Madrid between a highway 
and a vast industrial area, the project organizes 146 

chamber of commerce Madrid

The project was limited to designing a construction 
employing these two meanings: enclosed space, 

Fanjul avenue Madrid

Office building with isolated typology and compact 
architecture on the city border. 

MIRADOR Housing Madrid

The 22 level building acts as a frame for the distant 
landscape. The large lookout at 40 meters above 

NCC new cultural center Madrid

The architects proposed to renovate the old building, 
extending it with a new expansion that creates a symbioltic 

Enhanced climbing wall in Meiac Madrid

The architects generate a new scenario where such 
digital art contents can be displayed, perceived and 
explained as an integrated part of a whole spatial context.

Eco boulevard Madrid

Three cylindrical pavilions, are charged with 

the characterization and activation of the public 

Carabanchel Ensanche residential estate Madrid

The project was intended to combine the functionality 
of a residential estate with the linear beauty of a bullet train. 

Court of justice in IGUALADA

The court’s location, being the border between two 
different types of houses, old detached family houses 

House Mertens Spain

The architects took great care to position the house at a 
level which takes advantage of these views. 
The external materials for walls and 

dimanche 13 janvier 2013

Art school Spain

The concept  of the building is based on a curvilinear 
spine which leads to the main access. 

IBIZA House spain

A timber louver screen will provide solar protection during 

Casa OS Spain

This complex program is solved by attending to set priorities 
of energy efficiency, spatial simplicity and flexibility. 

Chapel in Valleaceron Spain

Challenged with bringing together different programs-dwelling, 
chapel hunting pavilion and guard’s thread the concept of the fold 

Federico Garcia Lorca Center Granada

The architects responded to Garcia Lorca’s emblematic 
cultural status, and the architectural possibilities that such 

Los Rodeos Airport Tenerife Spain

An architecture of light and shadows is proposed 
for this 21 st century airport. 

Federico Garcia Lorca centre Spain

The “centro Federico Garcia Lorca” is located 
in the city center of Granada, and hosts atheater, 

Residential building Barcelona Spain

The structure walls of the three main staircases 
rise above the roof to hide its installation. 

Park logistic office complex Barcelona

The project is a complex of office building 
of heights varying between 3 and 5 floors. 

Ermenegildo Zegna new corporative headquarters

The modulation of the pillars placed on a 9*2 grid, 
and with a height of 8 m on the ground floor and 5 m 

Movable viewpoint Barcelona Spain

It is a project that emerges like an exploration and 
experimentation of the airspace, in connection with 

156 Youth apartments on Calle Marina

The project studies different types of dwelling the depth 
of the site and the northeast-southwest orientation call
 for transformaing the typical block 

torre agbar barcelona spain

This is not a tower ,  or a skyscraper  in the American sense, 
but a unique growth in the middle  of this calm city. 

samedi 12 janvier 2013

Passive techniques in traditional Qatari buildings

Vernacular buildings in Qatar have employed some ingenious 
passive techniques in order to restore thermal comfort within
the building particularly during the hottest hour of the day. 
Such techniques are discussed hereafter

.1. Town layout
The buildings were joined close to each other. 
The houses, on the other hand, shared walls and this minimized 
the surface exposed to the sun. The streets were like a trench.
This helped the buildings to shade one another as well as to 
shade the streets. 
The only spaces that received a great amount of sunshine were 
the open spaces such as the courtyards. 
At midday the courtyard received more solar radiation than 
the shaded areas. As these heated up, hotter air rose and denser, 
cool air rushed in automatically. The cool air was drawn from 
the shaded streets. The streets oriented in the direction of 
the prevailing wind which created a low pressure area in the open
space thus moving the air from the streets into the living spaces.

2.Massive walls
The walls of traditional buildings were massive with a thickness 
of about 60 cm . Various materials were used to construct the walls . 
Such materials include:

Vernacular and contemporary buildings in Qatar

The strength of vernacular architecture is that it blends 
buildings into various settings so that there is a natural harmony 
between climate, architecture and people.

Community Edge to Community Street

A central drainage median and frontage roads create 
a wide right of way conducive to fast speeds but dangerous 

The linear waterway and its vegetation  also serve as 
habitat corridor. 

mardi 8 janvier 2013

Illa fleming Barcelona

The north facade of natural stone is 
cut by horizontal opening, while 
the rest have a double skin: 

Hotel OMM Bercelona

This hotel has been 
created to fit into 
the grid-pattern of 
the Eixample district 
and has been designed 

Centre for social service for Barcelona

The main façade 
of the building is 
oriented towards 

Wellness o2 center Barcelona

These buildings will 
become an important 
facility for the city, 
housing two 

Laminated tower spain

What is the minimum 
threshold size beyond 
which offices cease to 
be operative?  

Innova, Local and business development centre spain

From the beginning of the industrial  revolution onwards, 

Manuel Rojas congress centre spain

lundi 7 janvier 2013

IBM Travelling Exhibition Pavilion

The pavilion was a man-made form that was
designed to be placed in a natural landscape . 

Formation of rock types

As the original molten mass of the earth cooled to form a
hard, dense crust, igneous rock was formed.

Introduction to geology

The subject of geology is very briefly treated here to refresh
designers’ memories, increase awareness of its relevance,

mercredi 2 janvier 2013

Lasesarre football stadium spain

The stadium for the Barakaldo club 
is a small jewel in plain surroundings.